I build deep tech at the intersection of biology, engineering and computer science and am based between San Francisco and Brisbane, Australia.

In a past life I studied cosmology and galaxy formation at MIT while leading the Caterpillar Project, and was a contributor to the Illustris Project at the Center for Astrophysics at Harvard University.

I’m currently Chief Technology Officer and co-founder at Dynomics. We’re a startup focused on discovering targeted therapies to reverse heart failure using complex in silico and in vitro systems.


Although a lot of code I’ve written recently is tied up in my new ventures, my public projects and astrophysics work can be found at these repositories on GitHub. Examples include:

    More tools, especially bio focused, will be available soon.


    • Dynomics Inc (Github) — targeted therapies to reverse heart failure using cardiac organoids.
    • Scaled Biolabs Inc (Github) — microfluidics, bioengineering and computer science to perform high-throughput cell-based assay optimization.

    I’ve participated in two biotech accelerator programs in San Francisco relating to these two companies:


    My full list of publications is available on Google Scholar. Highlights: